Lake Bunyonyi, sensationally Deep!

In Uganda, when you’re unbeatable at what you do they call you mazzi mawanvu, Luganda for ‘deep waters.’

Lake Bunyonyi in southwestern Uganda, the deepest lake in Uganda and second deepest on the continent is simply the most amazing water body in this part of Africa. Tourists who have been to Lake Bunyonyi always return or wish to return so they can immerse themselves in its amazement again and again.

This lake of legends is 2,952 feet deep. It is roughly 25 kilometers long and seven kilometers wide, with 29 green Islands. It is surrounded by rolling hills, some as high as 2,400 meters. A scenery to behold. On their slops are terraced farms of potatoes.

And if you thought looking at plants wouldn’t be as attractive as anything, you are mistaken. Looking at these well-terraced gardens from a distance, they look like a staircase to the clouds, or heaven for that matter.

In Rukiiga, a language of the Bakiiga, a welcoming native tribe living around L. Bunyonyi, its name means the place of small birds. Why?

Birders love it here because this lake is home to some of the most beautiful birds on the continent.In order not to miss a moment, as you head to Bunyonyi, be sure to carry with you a camera or a phone with a camera. Just the backdrop of the lake in the background is one of the most beautiful pictures you will ever take.

There are lots of birds to capture, so many with beautiful plumage. But even without a camera, this is a worthy stop-over. You may decide to just scan the landscape with your eyes as you listen to the birds’ enchanting calls and take it all in.


Meanwhile, few places on earth will give you a more spectacular sight during sunrise or sunset. As the sun buries its head behind the horizons, it casts a striking gold glow over the lake. This reflection gradually changes to orange producing a very cozy sight to behold.

I doubt she would say no if you proposed from Bunyonyi on this dramatic backdrop. It is also a perfect place for honeymooners who are looking to discover and experience nature in its deepness. You could take a short boat tour around the lake as you learn more about the local way of life in its surrounding.

One of the must-visit islands is Akampeni; a small island where folklore has it that Bakiiga girls who got pregnant outside wedlock used to be dumped here and left to die as they were considered to have disgraced their families.

However, poor men who couldn’t afford dowry in the form of cows would hit the island and pick up the girls as their wives. Such a brutal story but these are the things you need to know and appreciate how humanity has evolved. Immaculate places like L. Bunyonyi give you that chance to dive right back into history and explore both for amusement and knowledge.

Most visitors to Lake Bunyonyi are really en-route to or from the famous gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This is usually a stop-over but it is one worth your time and penny.

We are talking about Africa’s second deepest lake. Basically, one of the reasons you need to respect it and preserve it.

There are over five lodges in the lake, and 20+ around it where you can stay. Budget accommodation costs Shs30,000 (about $8.5), and mid-range accommodation costs $50 (around Shs200,000).

The best time to visit Bunyonyi is the dry season when its warm, especially November-February.

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